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Every year it seems to get worse. Springtime hits and the sneezes start coming. Over-the-counter medication helps with some of the symptoms, but doesn’t really leave you feeling better. Perhaps this year it’s time to try something new. Traditional Chinese medicine offers many ways to help you control seasonal allergies.

Chinese medicine has been helping people with allergy problems for thousands of years. From herbal remedies to acupuncture and changes in diet there is something in traditional Chinese medicine to help everyone.

Herbal Treatment

It may seem strange to treat allergies by taking extra herbs into the body. Ingesting herbs to treat allergy symptoms is very different than breathing allergens through the air. The primary allergy problems treated by taking arms include clearing the nasal passages and sinuses, and strengthening the body’s lung and spleen Qi.


Relieving allergy symptoms through verbal means and take some time. More immediate relief can often be found through acupuncture treatments. Often when the treatment is applied to areas around the nose symptoms disappear as soon the needles are inserted. More recent work has been done treating the patient while the allergen is present. This type of treatment has been known to eliminate the allergy going forward.

Dietary Treatment

One of the most important ways to control allergies is ultimately through diet. Foods we eat have a huge effect on our health. For instance, musicians have long known that dairy increases mucus buildup. Increased mucus due to dietary choices can cause allergies to hit harder than they otherwise might have.

Traditional Chinese medicine has a lot to offer for the allergy sufferer. However, unlike getting an over-the-counter medication it is something that you can’t do alone.

At Chasing the Wind Acupuncture and Holistic Medicine we use all those methods and more to help our patients. While still honoring Western medicine, we concentrate on traditional Chinese medicine and similar forms of holistic healing. We work with you to tailor your care to your needs. Whether you are interested in Chinese medicine for allergies, chronic illness, or just want to feel healthier we can help you out. Contact us today for an appointment in Denver Colorado.
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