Pain & Injury Rehab.  Let’s Get You Back on Track!

Let me guide you back to an active and pain free lifestyle

I know an injury or chronic pain can really become a struggle; affecting your quality of life and the activities you love to participate in are all put on hold. My name is Bradley Mascuch and I am an expert in the field of pain and injury rehabilitation.  I love to help people get back to living an active life free of pain.

I use a combination of:


Trigger Point Therapy

Dry Needling

Myofascial Release

Tui Na

I have discovered that by using this unique skill set my patients experience lasting effects in their body as the pain begins to heal.  My experience as a Personal Trainer  adds a special expertise to offer corrective exercises that you can implement into your workouts to enhance the results.  I also offer personal training if you feel you need a little more guidance with your workouts.

Book an appointment with Bradley for:

Pain & Injury

Chronic Disease

Digestive Disorders

Addiction Recovery

Other Conditions


 What do I treat?

Acute pain is the result of an injury or accident and usually has a sudden onset.  It is often marked by redness and/or swelling.  I often see patients come in after experiencing one of the following:

•  Auto accident         •  Fall              • Sports injury            •  Workplace accident

Treatments will typically be more often initially and include exercise recommendations to accelerate the healing.

Chronic pain is any sort of pain that persists for several weeks, more than a month, or several years.  The National Institutes of Health recognized acupuncture as an effective treatment for pain.

I commonly treat the following types of chronic pain:

• Carpal tunnel         •  Tendonitis             • Hip pain              • Low back pain                •  Joint pain

•  Nerve pain                •  Fibromyalgia

More treatments will be required to see the desired results.  I also give lifestyle recommendations, nutritional advice, and Chinese herbal therapy.

How many treatments are recommended?

I usually recommend that patients commit to three treatments, each a week apart, to achieve maximum results.  This initial “push” creates enough momentum to quickly move the body in a positive direction in terms of pain reduction and structural healing.  From here I reduce the number of visits to once every two weeks and then continue to scale down treatment frequency until I am either no longer needed or only needed occasionally for maintenance.

The advantage of pain and injury rehabilitation is that usually results happen very quickly.  Keep in mind, that if you are coming in with an injury that is several years old or you are over 60 years old results come a little more slowly but they do happen and they are still dramatic.