Holistic Health Coaching

We have realized that Holistic Health Coaching is a valuable service for our patients.  We have all learned by now that our lifestyle choices directly impact our health.  Even so, it can be difficult for us to pinpoint the changes that we need to make to begin feeling better.  Oftentimes, we don’t know where to start or what to do to get to a state of balance.  What is balance?  Living a balanced life is about aligning our thoughts, emotions, relationships-socially and personally, actions, behaviors, diet, and our connection to ourselves and the outside world.  We will help you see these areas clearly by engaging you in conversation.


Benefits of Holistic Health Coaching:

• Discover the root cause of your symptoms

• Identify lifestyle changes that will bring you the hugest benefit

• Learn how to begin implementing these changes into your daily practice

• Take a big step forward in your healing process with long-lasting results

• Reprogram your mind and body to be more positive and enjoy life


Practitioners and Cost:

Any of our practitioners can help you get started.


Additional Services:

These services are offered at an additional cost by our lovely Arianna Shannon:

• Custom Meal Plans

• Grocery Store Tour

• Kitchen Prep


Make a commitment to transform your life