Herbal Medicine Consult

We have found that it is extremely effective to use both Chinese and Western herbal medicine with our patients.  Both practices can be traced back thousands of years as one of the longest-standing health care systems in the world.  Besides being  fascinating and popular it is also valued scientifically and many modern day drugs have been developed from the herbs.  Herbal medicine is used preventatively, and have little to no side effects to diagnostically treat a wide array of health conditions.  Aromatherapy, essential oils, are also an important part of herbal therapy that we address.  It is important that a qualified practitioner prescribe the Chinese herbal formula that specifically matches and treats your individual health condition.

This consult includes:

• Aromatherapy 

• Custom Medicinal Tea Blend

• Custom Tincture Blend

• Lifestyle Recommendations

Your progress will be monitored in order to adjust the herbal formula until the desired outcome is achieved.


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What ailments does herbal medicine treat?

Herbal medicine focuses on the root of the specific symptoms you are experiencing.  It will help to bring the body back into a state of balance, to promote optimal health and longevity, and to ultimately alleviate the symptoms.  Herbal medicine is a way to take an active part in your healing.  In addition, you will learn which herbs are best for treating different common ailments such as the common cold, allergies, the flu, and more.

Here is a list of some conditions that we can help you with:

• Seasonal Allergies                                                  • Natural Pain Relief 

• Digestive Issues                                                       • Energy and Stamina

• Irregular Menses and GYN support                • Chronic Fatigue 

• Immunity                                                                   • Emotional Wellbeing

• Skin Problems                                                         • Heart Health

If your specific condition is not listed please give us call to discuss your situation.


Benefits of Herbal Medicine