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Acupuncture is form of traditional Chinese medicine. As such, a visit to an Acupuncturist is very different than the visit to a regular doctor. One thing that stands out too many people on their first visit is when the provider asks to see their tongue.

A major component of traditional Chinese medicine is balancing energy throughout the body. This energy runs through the body along paths called meridians. Each meridian is represented by a region on the tongue. By looking at the color, shape, texture, and covering on these regions your acupuncturist can get valuable information, assisting in their diagnosis.


The color of the average tongue can range from a pale red to a deep red, space and even purple. This color helps to indicate problems such as heat in the body, energy deficiency, energy not flowing well, or blood deficiencies.


From then the swollen the size and shape of the tongue is also very important in reaching a diagnosis. Tongues can also exhibit cracking, from a single center crack to lots of horizontal cracks. Indicated problems range from Qi deficiencies to Yin deficiencies.


When evaluating the tongues texture your acupuncturist is mainly looking for either wet or dry conditions. The major problem this will tell them about is a deficiency of either Yin or Yang energy.


The tongue can be coded in many assorted colors from white to black, even yellow. The major problems that the tongue coating tells your acupuncturist about include dampness in the body, lack of energy, heat in the body, or cold in the body.

If you’re interested in learning more about tongue diagnosis please check out this book by Dr. Giovanni Maciocia. He has written most of the training materials used by acupuncturists in the West.

If you’re interested in getting your own tongue checked as part of an acupuncture appointment and are living near Denver, Colorado, please contact us to set up an appointment. As professionals trained in traditional Chinese medicine we will use tongue diagnosis and more to diagnose and treat what ails you. No go beyond your acupuncture appointment providing coaching and consulting to help you with whole life health.

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